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Hiking destinations and excursions in and around Klausen / Chiusa (Eisacktal / Isarco valley)

Several activities for the whole family, surrounded by vineyards and chestnut trees in the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol. This is the secret for an unforgettable vacation!

Our sunny plateau is the perfect starting point for numerous hikes and excursions. Feldthurns/Velturno can be reached with an approx. 30/40-minute hike. And also the walk to the Sabiona / Säben Monastery will take your breath away. Furthermore, Klausen / Chiusa, known as "the town of Dürer", with its pretty alleys and typical terraced houses can be reached with a 25-minute walk. For true mountain lovers and more experienced hikers we recommend the trails that lead to the Cross of Latzfons, Europe's highest sanctuary, or to the refuge "Radlseehütte", located about 4 hours walk from our farm.
Brixen / Bressanone, former episcopal city, fascinates with its monuments and offers a wide range of shopping opportunities. If you are looking for winter relax and fun, our farm is the right place for you, too! In fact, you can reach all the ski areas of Grödnertal / Val Gardena with a 40-minute car ride.

Birmehl trail

The trail "Birmehlweg" begins in the very centre of the village Verdings / Verdignes, leads down to the hamlet of Pardell and from there up to the beautiful "Moar zu Viersch" farm. Finally, an ancient cobblestone path takes you back to the starting point.

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Cemetery chapel in Verdings / Verdignes

Inside the little cemetery chapel, you can find a representation of the wheel of life, dating back to 1736, which depicts the life of man from the cradle to the grave, as well as the last four phases of human existence: death, universal judgment, paradise and hell.

"Keschtnweg": The Chestnut Trail in the Eisacktal/Isarco valley

A hiking trail that stretches from Vahrn / Varna, near Brixen / Bressanone, along the slopes of the Eisacktal / Isarco valley and leads through meadows, ancient farms and chestnut trees.

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Castle Velthurns / Velturno

-located along the Chestnut Trail -
Castle Velthurns / Velturno was built between 1577 and 1587 by the Bishop of Brixen / Bressanone and remained in the possession of his successors until 1803. Later on, it was acquired by the Austrian Empire and then passed into private hands.
Afterwards, Prince John II of Lichtenstein donated the castle, that he had previously acquired, to the city of Bozen / Bolzano. In 1978 the historic building became property of South Tyrol and is today a very popular site, also home to many events.

Sabiona / Säben Monastery

-located along the Chestnut Trail -
The Sabiona / Säben Monastery towers up a striking rock spur, known as the "Holy Mountain", and is considered to be one of the most ancient pilgrimage sites of Tyrol. Early historical records of the famous Ladin cloister of Sabiona date back to 1503.
For 300 years now, it has been a Benedictine monastery and is still inhabited by nuns today. Within the monastery complex it is possible to visit the Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche), the Church of the Holy Cross (Heilig Kreuz Kirche) and the Chapel of Mercy (Gnadenkapelle).

Klausen / Chiusa: the "City of Dürer"

Between 1494 and 1495 the artist Albrecht Dürer visited the town of Klausen / Chiusa and portrayed his impressions of this urban centre on his famous allegorical engraving "Das große Glück" (The Great Fortune). In the 19th century, Klausen / Chiusa became an important crossroads and meeting point for many artists and since then it has been celebrated as "City of Artists".

Klausnerhütte / Rif. Chiusa and Cross of Latzfons

Suggested route: from Feldthurns / Velturno reach Latzfons by car, park at the Kühhof farm (1550 m) and take trail no. 17 slightly uphill to the Klausnerhütte / Rifugio Chiusa. Then continue on the trail until you reach the Runggerer Almhütte (refuge). At the crossroads follow the signs to the Cross of Latzfons and continue along trail no. 17 up to Kassiansspitze / Cima di San Cassiano (2581 m).
Starting point: Kühhof farm
Duration: 3 hours
Elevation: ranges from 1550 m to 2581 m above sea level (difference about 1030 m)

Stöfflhütte refuge

Cozy mountain hut on the Villanderer Alm / Alpe di Villandro, situated at 2057 m above sea level in a quiet location with a breath-taking panorama view.

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Mine in Villanders / Villandro

Since the beginning of the 20th century, after the cessation of the mining activity, it was decided to close the mine and its "Elisabeth Stollen" gallery, which was later made accessible to visitors.

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